Know when your clients and prospects are ready to buy

Did you know that each month up to 5% of consumers with a high propensity to buy life insurance show purchase intent signals? Imagine the improvement to your top-line revenues and bottom-line profits if you could focus your time only engaging with the prospects and clients each month that are actively looking for life insurance products. What if these insights were available to you anytime of the day through an intuitive, simple-to-use dashboard and all for less than the cost of mailing your clients and prospects a first-class letter? With InsurAware's new iREPS platform, this innovative solution is now at your fingertips.

With Insuraware intelligent consumer monitoring, we monitor intent signals in real-time. We provide you with the best window of opportunity to engage your customers and prospects when they are most inclined to buy. This can significantly reduce your client acquisition costs and improve your closing ratios.

Understanding Propensity, Intent, and Ability

InsurAware’s predictive multi-dimensional AI allows you to reach out to those ready to buy, and nourish those that are likely to buy with precision marketing and prescriptive solutions that meets their needs. Our machine learning algorithm grows smarter and even more precise as we learn through customer behavior patterns.

White-labeled digital end-to-end quoting and fulfillment solution

Meet your clients where they are with our state-of-the-art white-label digital fulfillment solution. Your clients and prospects can quote and enroll with select digital carriers providing a fast, transparent, and easy solution to their risk transfer needs. We've built it, you brand it!

Meet your clients and prospects at the right time, in the right place, with the right product solution.

Save money and time segmenting your clients, improve closing ratios. No more wasting money marketing to "dead" leads.

InsurAware'sTM iREPS dashboard allows you to upload, monitor, and act upon your clients and prospects intent-based buying signals

Save time and money, secure more appointments, and close more sales. Engage each month with customers and prospects who are most likely to buy.

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